Rudy Roseles is a main character in Talia In the Kitchen. He is great at fixing things such as put Mexican music which everybody hates in Miami and he can make Mexican into Punk Rock just for Talia. They are very close friends. At first, Talia didn't like Rudy becuause he would be every other typical guy but they developed feelings in Sugar Rush. Rudy is great friends with Valerie too and doesn't like the Fuccinelli's as much as Lola's.


Rudy is great guy, confident and all sorts of fun. He is great to have if you need to fix anything.


Talia's lovable downstairs neighbor Rudy is always willing to lend a hand. He's sweet, thoughtful and Talia's biggest fan. She sees him as a loyal and trustworthy friend, but shhh - he's totally crushing on her!


Talia Parra (friend/crush)

Rudy and Talia are friends (good friends) and they have crushes on each other. But that is only in Rudy's side. Rudy is good at fixing things and impressing Talia with Dolores and Rocky's help and sometimes Julie. The couple will progress to become a couple maybe in Season 2.


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