Rocky Palroso is a main character in Talia in the Kitchen. He's friends with Julie.


Rocky is a 12 year old boy that Julie Parra meets at the community center. He has helped Talia, Julie, Rudy, and Valerie many times (most likely because has a crush on Julie), always stating that "he knows a guy."



Rocky is a boy shown to have connections all over Miami. In "Don't Cry Over Split Tres Leches," he calls somebody to help get food to open Lola's again.

Julie Parra is his crush. They met at the community center in "Don't Cry Over Split Tres Leches," after Julie tried (and failed) to talk to a group of girls around her age. At this time, it's not clear whether she returns the same feelings for Rocky.

==Quotes=="I know a guy


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    To be added.


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