Rice to the Occasion is the thirteenth episode of Season 1B in Talia In the Kitchen or the thirty-third episode in Season 1.


Tyson visits Jayden at the food truck, where they have a small dispute, and Tyson then warns Jayden and Micheal to stay away from Talia. Later, Talia gathers Valerie and Rudy to make a plan to keep the investor out of control over Lola's, while Julie and Rocky plan to put equipment in Jayden and Micheal's truck to overhear them. On a hillside, Tyson tells Debbie the truth about her talent, and she cooks at Lola's while banned from Fuccinelli's. At the end, after issues in the kitchen occur, the investor is revealed to be Chef Lorena Garcia.



  • The mysterious investor is revealed to be Chef Lorena Garcia, a famous chef in Miami


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