Fish Perfect is the fifteenth episode of Season 1B in Talia In the Kitchen or the thirty-fifth episode in Season 1.


Dolores delivers the news and challenging of the Spice Master fight to Jayden and Michael, while later, Talia, Valarie, Dolores, Julie and Rocky provide food to Vinnie and his family. Meanwhile, Debbie, Frenchie, Tyson and Rudy have a beach day in Fuccinelli's, which gets Tyson's mind off Jayden and Talia. Talia plans to do a donation program in Lola's, as Vinnie's mother then gets a job. While Jayden refuses to battle Talia, she realizes the reason for her gift and decides to battle him.




  • Frenchie, Debbie, Rudy and Tyson have a beach day until Debbie and Frenchie start fighting.


The image gallery for Fish Perfect may be viewed here.



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