Don't Cry Over Spilt Tres Leches is an episode of Talia In the Kitchen.


To advertise Lola's, Rudy puts up posters in the Community Center to attract people; Frenchie takes down all the posters in anger; Talia is used as bait to distract Dolores and Julie gets some help from Rocky a student who is famous at Miami.




  • Rocky's first appearance.
  • Frenchie takes all the posters down.
  • Talia and Tyson have another moment.
  • Talia is mad that her look reflects her.
  • The kitchen is up and running.
  • It reveals that Talia went to the Fuccinelli's Restaurant to sabotage and find the posters.


The image gallery for Don't Cry Over Spilt Tres Leches may be viewed here.



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