Dolores Parra is a main character in Talia In the Kitchen. Dolores is a sweet lady who wants to share her taste in culunary arts. She taught her granddaughter, Talia how to cook and she was the owner of Lola's but it was closed down by the Fuccinelli's. She is encourages her granddaughter to step in and be the best.


Dolores is sweet and kind but is angry when the kids want to reopen Lola's but later she goes with this idea because she can trust the kids to do this. So she loves everyone who looks up to her. She is also very funny.


Talia Parra (Granddaughter)

Main article:Dolores & Talia

Talia and Dolores have a granddaughter and a grandmother relationship. They are both very wise and they have one thing in common: cooking!


  • She is the owner of Lola's.


The image gallery for Dolores Parra may be viewed here.

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