Deborah "Debbie" Fuccinelli is a former antagonist of Talia in the Kitchen Even though she wants to succeed with her family's business, Debbie doesn't want her twin brother to know that she and Frenchie have been sabotaging Lola's. She is slightly in confident in her abilities and tends to overcompensate. Its obvious that she cares very much for her family and will do anything to be an amazing chef like her cousin says she is.

Debbie may be astonishingly beautiful, well-liked, and whip-smart, she is unable to handle the fact there is someone out there who can actually match one of her many skills. The skill being cooking. The someone being Talia.


Pretty and popular, Debbie Fuccinelli is a food snob who thinks her family is restaurant royalty. But she's all technique and no heart, in the kitchen and in life. She's determined to bring Lola's and Talia down and won't stop until she gets her way. Passionate and driven, she's determined to make her family's restaurant a success!


Debbie is basically the best example "the world's most perfect person". She may have a few flaws here and there, such as her sadistic side, but she makes up for them with her many talents.

Debbie's most well-known trait is her unparalleled ability to cook amazing dishes. She takes great pride in her skill. Because of her proficiency in the fine culinary arts, she has earned the title of "best teen chef in Miami". She has knowledge in all kinds of cuisines, especially French, and can cook them to such a degree that even professional chefs are left feeling incompetent.

Debbie is prominently known for her egocentric and self-serving personality, which is her one and only flaw. She believes that everyone is trivial compared to her, so she is always seen looking down on people. Whenever the chance is given, she will exert her disliking for others by ridiculing and humiliating them in many ways.

Even so, that does not mean she doesn't have limits. Debbie will sometimes be willing to help others whenever the need arises. However, even in these times, she has shown to still be somewhat cynical. Actually, if it wasn't for her sardonicism, she really would be flawless.

Debbie is also prominently known for her brains. Debbie's intellect is unparalleled and there is almost no one who can even come close to how smart she is (not even Julie). Debbie is able to devise ingenious plans and strategies to take down Lola's. She is also able to easily outsmart others. She is also shown to become a much more nicer and thoughtful person later in the series.

She is an extremely likable and popular person as well. Debbie has a load friends and people who idolize and wish that they could be like her. Even though she was originally an enemy among the other members of the main characters, she eventually made friends out of them as well.

She is also revealed to be very honorable and hates cheating. This is evident in "Faux Frenchman", when Frenchie revealed that Debbie won her cooking competition against Talia when he stole an ingredient from the latter's dish. Debbie become angered and somewhat mortified that she won the contest by unfair circumstances and even began to question her own belief that she was better than everyone. She apparently does not think that winning is everything. She even fell into a nervous breakdown.

Despite her flawless personality, Debbie harbors insecurities about her cooking skills and believes it to be her one and only talent. Because of this, she can get deeply hurt whenever someone comes along and belittles her abilities. She will also try to make others feel worthless compared to her, since she herself feels worthless. However, Debbie eventually learns to quit underestimating herself realizes just how good of a cook she really.

In season 2, Debbie grows more kinder and soft-hearted around Talia and her friends and actually ends up helping Lola's instead of trying to run it out of business. She also becomes more trustworthy and willing aid someone in trouble. Albeit, she still possesses her egotistical nature and still believes herself to be better than everyone. But this time, she is less open about the subject.

Physical Appearance

Debbie is a very slender and an extremely attractive young girl and has fair skin, green eyes, and blonde hair. She has a very huge fashion sense and is usually seen wearing pink or red dresses.


Talia Parra

Frenemies/Good Friends
Debbie and Talia have rivalry going on between them. Debbie initially loathes Talia because she works for the Fuccinelli's Restaurant's enemy restaurant, Lola's. Because of this, Debbie will often outright insult, humiliate, ridicule, and discomfit Talia. Debbie has sometimes even resorted to manipulating or blackmailing her. Debbie also believes that Talia is worthless. Debbie is superior to Talia in many ways.

For instance, Debbie is a lot more beautiful and attractive than Talia. As well as an impeccable fashion sense. Debbie has a vast amount of friends and is also quite popular. Debbie is gradually more intellectual than Talia and is always making her feel like an idiot. Debbie is even better than cooking than her, even though Talia is a Spice Master. While Talia could never hope to be as good as Debbie in the former categories and more, if there is anything that she'll try to best Debbie at, it's cooking.

Debbie absolutely refuses to believe that Talia could ever match up to her when it comes cooking, so they both frequently try to "out-cook" each other any chance they get. Although she never admits it, Talia is shown to be envious of Debbie's abilities, and at the same time respects her for them. As the series progresses, they both begin to warm up to each other.

In season 2, Debbie and Talia are able to put aside their differences and respect one another's vast proficiency in the culinary field. Initially, Debbie would always look at Talia with disgust and hated her for trying to compete her[Debbie]. But now, Debbie becomes friends with her and was even willing to give away her golden laddle in "Faux Frenchman".

Frenchie Fuccinelli

Frenchie is Debbie's cousin and instructor, teaching her everything that he knows about cooking. They both have been working together to sabotage Lola's. Although they generally get along and are mostly on the same page, Debbie is always annoyed whenever Frenchie pokes fun at her choice of fashion, her cuisine, or her hairstyle. This will often prompt Debbie to retaliate with insults of her own. A very notable time of when Debbie was upset with Frenchie was in "Storm and Grubb" when he cheated in a cooking contest so Debbie could win her fourth golden ladle against Talia.

Tyson Fuccinelli

Tyson is Debbie's twin brother. Debbie is often annoyed by her brother's airheadedness and incompetence, and it is because of this that she deemed the "brains" out of the two. She has often times deceived Tyson in order to keep him from knowing about her sabotaging Lola's. However, Debbie has shown a deep caring for her brother.


She cooks as horrible as she dresses!
She's going down!
I didn't win?
Ty, don't!


  • Debbie was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  • Debbie has 3/half golden ladles.
  • She is known as the best teen chef in Miami.
  • She is somewhat fluent in French.
  • She Might Be Tone Deaf.


Season 1


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